More about me

So today I thought I would give you a bit more of an insight into what I do.

I run two businesses one selling antiques & vintage clothing and the other making latex clothing.

Today I’m going to tell you about Victory Roll Vintage which is a pretty new business

I have always had an interest in antiques as my mother and father were both antique dealers along with most of our family friends. I grew up in auction houses, going to fares and watching my mum sand and wax furniture. My mother taught me everything I know and I’m extremely grateful for that. We are learning from each other all the time.


I have been selling vintage clothing on off for a number of years but now I wanted to go in to other items including small furniture. After having a look around mine and my mums attics we realised we had enough stock to start selling immediately and did our first vintage/craft fair which was at a local village we barley made the stall fee and it was the same again at our next local fare although it was torrential rain !

I then got myself a little indoor market stall which I kept going for probably four months but the rent was too expensive and just couldn’t afford to keep it on.

I was ready to give up!

But then my interest peaked again last year after going over to America to see family and then coming home and completely changing my life (I’ll save that for another blog!)

We signed up to do a bigger fare this time a flea market and we did really well. In fact we did three last summer. Now I’m not good in the cold so over the winter months I only sell online via Etsy, Ebay & Facebook.

The business is moving along lovely now, we have a high stock turn over and spend most of my time at the post office sending packages all over the world, at auctions, sitting at my computer or cleaning up furniture.

We have just done this years first summer fare and it was a success !

I’m currently working my way through over 100 items of vintage clothing, washing, pressing, photographing, pricing etc etc and these will be up on my Etsy soon. As it is looking a very bare!

Do you have an interest in vintage and antiques ? Let me know in the comments

Lily x